Contemporary Fine Art Photography
by Fine Art Photographer - Davin Lavikka

Examples of fine art photography, creative color photographs and black and white photography. I define my contemporary abstract photography as fine art not from subject matter but from the idea and reasoning behind the composition. I get an idea stuck in my head and have to run with it. I envision the final composition then attempt to show exactly what I saw. These compositions are carefully planned and sometimes taking several months to complete. Each series have their limitations. Most limitations are technical dealing with a certain technique, process or camera.

My landscape photos are often defined as fine art but the difference between landscapes and my contemporary works would be that my landscapes are often somewhat contrived. I knew exactly where I was going and what time of day to be there for the best light. All of landscapes are shot in the same fashion too. I have a formula for each of my lenses in both film and digital that tells me the highest depth of field and maximum sharpness for each lens. My contemporary images are often just the opposite. I have this weird vision in my head and I have to deconstruct it then recreate it so I can show you what I saw. You may not like what I have to show you but I am determined to show it to you. Below are my fine art photography collections that were shown to the public at Gallery 8, Hob Nobs, Bokeh, Artspace, Method Art and Ian Russell Gallery.


The Great Yoga Project
"Fashionable Yoga in inappropriate places," features models participating in yoga poses in unprecedented places wearing fashionable attire.
This unique collection of 100 images brings together stunning views of the city paired with the art of yoga. Click here to see The Great Yoga Project.

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Toying with Phoenix 2007 - 2011
Making real life look like a toy model. A large fine art photography seriies. 8 images out of a 70 part series.


Pretty Dead Things 2006 - 2008
Just photos of dead flowers.... No. An Iconic stillness not afraid to be forgotten and frozen in time. Portraits of secrets never heard.

Statements 2006 to 2008 - Will be revisiting!

In this black and white photo series the model writes their biggest fear or worry on tape and exposes it everyone.


Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans - 2004
Fine art, commercial, product, portrait, fashion, architectural, landscape photography by Arizona Photographer Davin Lavikka
Contemporary, Abstract, Fine Art Photography in color and black and white, by Davin Lavikka ©1997 - 2009