The Great Yoga Project

by Fine Art Photographer - Davin Lavikka

- Updated 5/25/12

These images were captured by fine art photographer, Davin Lavikka in and around the Greater Phoenix area. "Fashionable yoga in inappropriate places," features models participating in yoga poses in unprecedented places wearing fashionable attire while bringing yoga back to its grass roots. These photographs make a statement that yoga can be done anytime and anywhere without the need for special clothes, mats, or environments. Davin's interest in the inherent flexibility of our spirits in our daily lives as manifested in the body, in which yoga led him to conceptualize this series.

The Great Yoga Project is four years in the making comprised of 120 images to date.

Davin is currently seeking mid-level to highly experienced yoga practitioners to complete the more complicated and bizarre poses for this project.

Please contact him if you are interested in participating in this project. Do you have an interesting Yoga story? Davin is currently looking for interesting stories of how a particular yoga pose either helped or hurt your body.

Send your stories to

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The Great Yoga Project

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